When Do You Need Dyno Tuning?

Dyno tuning measures engine output, including horsepower, torque and air fuel mixture. Your technician can adjust the air fuel mixture and timing to preferred settings based on your vehicle type. This type of tuning can occur for different engine loads and conditions. It is a special tune-up that enhances your ride and increases the efficiency

Open Dyno Day Event November 17th

Mack Motorsports is proud to present another Dyno Day event! Dyno Power Pulls – 50$ for 2 clean hits for power numbers.  Power numbers include Horsepower and Torque output and will certainly include a paper print out for you to take back home, or send to your tuner for the next time you come. Reserve

Mack Motorsport’s First Dyno Day Video

A local car enthusiast recorded his day coming out to a Mack Motorsports Dyno Day. Trey Claus posted his camera up in his driveway showing off his Mazda Speed3, he posted up his GoPro inside the car as he drove up to the location, and then recorded a slew of cars and trucks as they

Tuning a Supercharged Silverado

AJay working his magic on his customers 17’ Supercharged Silverado.. w/ Anonymous_Calibrations   Looking for a dyno to work on vehicles. Mack Motorsports is the perfect place to bring your own cars, trucks, and vans. The Jacksonville facility is equipped with a professional lift, all the tools needed to work on vehicles, a 2 wheel

Intake Valve Walnut Blasting Ford Focus ST Turbo

Big Turbo Focus ST at 100k miles getting a Intake Valve Walnut Blasting Service Video. ||| “This thing actually feels faster when you get on it now! Definitely happy with the results.” We recommend this service every 30-60k miles, and also depends on if it’s highway driven or stop and go more often. If the