Open Dyno Day Event November 17th

German automotive dyno run flames exhaust

Mack Motorsports is proud to present another Dyno Day event!

Dyno Power Pulls – 50$ for 2 clean hits for power numbers.  Power numbers include Horsepower and Torque output and will certainly include a paper print out for you to take back home, or send to your tuner for the next time you come.

Reserve your time in the post comments of the Facebook post.
Click Here – Drop a comment with time, car model and color.

Please Note! If your car doesn’t have at least 2.75”-3” of clearance we cannot risk putting your vehicle on the rollers. We had one vehicle get stuck at our last event. This mainly is for the middle of the car and lower underbody panels, motor and any parts of the vehicle that won’t clear if this low. Front lips are okay usually as long as the body of the car doesn’t rest that low as well. The dyno box area isn’t setup for super low stanced static cars. I apologize for any inconvenience.

November 17th Run Schedule and Openings
(check the Facebook event page for current schedule)

09:00am – Randy Bessent VW GTI
09:15am – Kyle Bradley Civic SI
09:30am – John Valencia Civic Si
09:45am – Robert Romero 13’ MazdaSpeed 3 Red
10:00am – Justin Cope 08’ GMC 2500
10:15am – Joseph Lee 16″ Challenger R/T+
10:30am – Ed Spencer 12′ Mazda Miata
10:45am – Jose Gomez 16 F-150 Ecoboost
11:00am – Justin Ross 91′ Toyota MR2
11:15am – Ronnie Gallo – 95′ 240SX
11:30am – Jayden Banks – 06’ Mustang GT
11:45am – Joshua Anderton – 95′ Tahoe
12:00pm – Zac Parkes BMW M3
12:15pm – William Hott 96’ BMW 328i
12:30pm – Justin Rogers 10’ Nissan Maxima
12:45pm – FWD
01:00pm – Michael Hayden – 18′ Focus ST
01:15pm – Gary Riles Jr. – 96′ Honda Civic
01:30pm – Tyler Gilley – 97′ 328i
01:45pm – Mackenzie Kennison – 98′ 328is
02:00pm – Joshua Cooper – 10′ Mustang GT
02:15pm – Jesus Sierra – 92′ Mustang GT
02:30pm – Brian Keiser – 12′ Silverado
02:45pm – Andrew Peterson 20’ Toyota Supra
03:00pm – Jimmy Lang – 16′ Challenger Scat Pack
03:15pm – Justin Redman – 18′ F150 Eco
03:30pm – Ray Drake – 15′ BMW M3
03:45pm – Brad Louis – E55 AMG
04:00pm – Kelly Jr. Bobby – 19′ Mustang
04:15pm – FWD
04:30pm – FWD
04:45pm – Chase Gregory 10′ CTS Wagon
05:00pm – RWD

As long as we have openings will gladly get you into the mix for some dyno numbers!

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